Ran across this memento in my purge:Band Camp notebook105

I had a little spiral notebook for Band Camp. This would have been just before Freshman year in high school, 1977. In it, I had written a schedule of clothes for each day. I am not making this up. I used to do that. I would usually plan my outfits for the first two weeks of school, too. It was a creative thing to do, and I didn’t have to fumble around in my morning stupor to determine just how cute I could be.

An example of one entry in the Band Camp notebook:

Saturday, June 25, 1977
clothes: navy float top, green socks [I fully remember these socks, they were kind of crystally and I loved them; one time, I stepped on a nail while wearing them.], jeans, sandals
hair: bun or down with two clips [yes, I had to plan the hair too]
alternate: peach top, green, pink, or white shorts [alternate? In case I got the navy float top and green crystally socks wet?]
make-up: green eyeshadow
lip gloss: [suspiciously blank]
jewelry: ditto Friday [well, at least I was efficient]

After entering all the days and outfits and hairstyles and what-have-you, I wrote the following instructions to myself:

“The preceding pages of clothes are INTENDED but do not HAVE to be followed as such. Blush can be added to make-up, if desired; outfits can be switched-to-suit. If an SHSU [Sam Houston State Univ] shirt is bought, it may be worn. Also, socks do not ALWAYS have to be worn; just sandals will do, but wearing shoes is a good idea at all times for protection against glass and heat, and to look respectable for class. For another hair style, use a red bandana [as a hairband, I’m sure, not as a do-rag] or put it in a ponytail with the hair wrapped around [a neat trick I learned from “Seventeen” magazine].”

Lest it escape your notice, I SAVED this. For posterity. Because I just knew I would someday donate all my notes and personal effects to the Harry Ransom Center at UT so that people could pore over my precious archives after my passing.

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