Ooh-la-la! Get in now for

MoJo’s 2019 Psychic Group Calls!

Sign up now for a thrilling group call in which

you will get a personal psychic reading about your 2019

from Yours Psychically!

We’ll meet on the phone for an hour and everyone will get a reading to see what their 2019 looks like. If you have a question, such as, “Will I get married this year?” or “Am I going to find a better job this year?”, bring it along–I’ll be happy to look into your specific situation.

BONUS: There will be a drawing on each call for a free deck of my oracle cards ($15 value)

AND I will have a SPECIAL OFFER for each and every person who participates.

These Psychic Group Calls are always fun, fascinating, and enlight-taining! I am offering two different times for each one-hour conference call, so that you will be able to join in, no matter where in the world you are.

IMPORTANT: Each Psychic Group Call is limited to only 10 people, so that you will get my personal…

insight, and

just for you!

NOTICE THIS important note about the Group Effect: When you have the advantage of listening to readings for others, you gain additional insight for yourself. It amazes even me the way that messages come through for one and are also for many. You will want to hear every second of this call!


Times & Tickets:

$27. – MoJo’s 2019 Psychic Group Call #1

Wednesday, January 9th, 12:00 noon (Central time)


$27. – MoJo’s 2019 Psychic Group Call #2

Wednesday, January 9, 7:00 p.m. (Central time)

Psychic Group Call #1 - Remaining Tickets

Psychic Group Call #2 - Remaining Tickets