What is your summer plan?



Learn something?


Grow your spirit?

Welcome to a MoJo Summer

Enhance – No, make that
MAKE Your Summer
Extra Self-Care in the Form of
Spiritual Growth and Self-Awareness,
Less Worry and More Peace of Mind.

With your MoJo Summer, you will get THREE
(one for each month–June, July, August)
30-Minute Amazeballs Psychic Readings with MoJo
(That’s me–Susan!),

in which I will
communicate with your RIPs,
predict and advise you about your life, and
validate you with angel cards,

Plus You’ll Get a
Passel of Phenomenal Goodies to
Make Your Summer Shine:

♥ One MoJo Power Half-Hour, to be used as you choose:
MoJo CoJo (Co-Journaling), intuitive coaching, or meditation training

All Three of My Books, personalized and signed just for you
–one of them is a super-easy meditation guide for people who can’t meditate!

♥ One Personalized Angel Card Reading by email each month
–June, July, August

PLUS these Amazeballs BONUSES:

Both decks of my oracle cards,
the Good-News Only Fortune-Telling Cards AND
the To-Morrow Oracle Cards, WITH instructions

♥ A Summer Subscription to MoJo Premium

♥ One of my sweet MoJo Journals,
customized with your name and signed by Yours Psychically

A “MoJo” Sticky Note Pad
(just for funzies!)

A 25% discount on additional readings

A 25% discount on Manifest with MoJo

^^^How Many "A MoJo Summer"s Are Left?^^^

Just How Much Will
This Cooool Summer SELF-CARE Treat
Set You Back?
Less than a cruise!

Let’s break it down, shall we?

♥  $390 value – Three 30-Minute Amazeballs Psychic Readings


♥ $198 value – One MoJo Power Half-Hour

♥ $43 value (plus the invaluable inscription!) – All three of my books

♥ $120 value – Three personalized angel card reading by email
(Since this is not available to the public, if I had to put a number on it, I’d say… $120)


♥ $30 value – Both decks of my oracle cards

♥ $30 value – A summer subscription to MoJo Premium

♥ $13 value –  One of my sweet MoJo Journals,
customized with your name and signed by Yours Psychically

♥ $5 value – A “MoJo” sticky note pad

♥ $138 value –  A 25% discount on Manifest with MoJo

♥ Invaluable – A 25% discount on additional Readings and VIP Power Half-Hours

♥ And don’t forget the cost of all that shipping! 🙂

So… add all that up…

$390 + $198 + $43 + $120 + $30 + $30 + $13 + $5 + $138 + ??? =


But I promised you – less than the cost of a cruise!

So here’s your special deal:

Only $555 for everything in A MoJo Summer

I’ll even let you make two separate payments, if you choose.*

A MoJo Summer


*If you choose the Two-Payment Option, you will be billed for the remainder two weeks from your first payment.

*Payment in full must be received prior to beginning of services and shipping of materials.
Thus, if your second payment arrives after June 1, your services will begin upon receipt of your payment.

You and I will schedule your readings on or about the same day each month, June, July, and August, at a time that is convenient for your schedule.

Your personalized angel card readings via email will be provided on or about the 15th of each month.

Current values/rates are subject to change without notice.

All services and deliverables are completely transferrable, so you can give any or all away–
These special treats make wonderful gifts for the graduates and birthday boys/girls in your life.

Other limits may apply. Please contact me with any questions. Susan (at) SusanKMorrow (dot) com