Did you see my shirt change color? Is this magic???

Susan K. Morrow-Johnson, Your MoJo Medium, is proud to present:

The MoJo Meditation Academy

By meditating every day using my methods,

you can finally attain the 4 C’s

that you long for:


Clarity, Calm, Concentration, & Creation


Did you know that only a few minutes of daily meditation (done well) will…?*


~ improve your concentration

~ lower your blood pressure

~ make you better at decision-making

~ decrease anxiety

~ help you understand yourself and others

~ allow you to discover your strengths and gifts

~help you manifest or create events, relationships and yes, material things

~ and more


And with the MoJo Meditation Academy,

you’ll find it “Super-Easy”:


  • Start with my ebook, The Super-Easy Meditation Guide for People Who Can’t Meditate.

  • Then work through THREE (3) instructional videos, including a blissful guided meditation—I have a soothing voice. :o)

  • Enjoy Bonus Tip videos to strenghten your practice.

  • Re-visit those videos as often as you like to reinforce your commitment to your own Clarity and Calm, Concentration and Creation.

  • Enjoy bonuses such as lifetime membership in our private group on Facebook.

  • Rinse and Repeat.


Bonuses with your enrollment:

  • Bonus #1: Get my personal support when you join the online private Facebook group, the MoJo Meditation Academy Clubhouse. Come back every day for refreshers and extras, community and support.

  • Bonus #2: Download your own MoJo Meditation Blueprint to help you stay on track

  • Bonus #3: Just for fun – when you come to the Clubhouse, upload a photo of yourself meditating or just smiling, and I’ll make you your very own Academy badge. Download it to use for any purpose you like!

*Such results cannot be guaranteed; these results are from my own personal experience and those of my clients, your results may vary.

Yay! I know you are excited to learn

to get all Calm, Clear, Concentrate-y, and Creative

with some great meditation.

Once you work through this course,

all you have to do is one more “C”:


to the daily meditation

and you will improve your life! 

♥You’re going to love it!♥


MoJo Meditation Academy

in all its glory – $478.


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