Who Is MoJo Stylista?


MoJo Stylista is about FUN. She’s about having fun with your style and Looking Good to Feel Great!

Your MoJo is your ESSENCE. (As well as an abbreviation for my last name, Morrow-Johnson.)

And your clothes are one way for you to express your essence, or MoJo.

Style is also ART. And it is a great way for you to make the kind of  

impression you want to make.

When you walk into a room, what do want people to think of you?

That you’re smart? That you’re sexy? That you’re self-confident? That you have answers for them?

Your style will do all of that and much more. And when you Look Great, you Feel Great.

My daily goal: to use my gifts in service to others.

As a lifelong lover of clothes, fabrics, colors, and putting-it-all-together, I am gifted in styling outfits.

And if I have a gift, a knack, a talent if you will, for putting together great-looking outfits, then I can–even should–share that gift in service, right?

And that’s what you’ll get from the MoJo Stylista – the gift of Looking Great and Feeling Great.

How does this whole thing work?

Start with a MoJo Closet Consult
We meet via Skype and you show me what you have. Ultimately, we will choose which garments go back in the closet and which ones go to the thrift store.

Egad! Are you going to make me throw out all my clothes like they did on that TV show?

Nope. I’m going to let you keep everything you want to keep; however, I will be guiding you about those choices. As an example, if you have lots of great pieces, but nothing goes with anything else, you will keep most of it and together, we will make plans to add in versatile pieces that will make pretty outfits.

From our “keepsies” group of garments, you’ll learn how to put things together to make you feel great when you wear them–and I will give you my stamp of approval on everything you’re already doing right.

That’s right–you’re doing some things right, probably 70-80%! Validation is important!

We’ll also discuss what colors look good on you, what shape/s flatter your body (just as it is–it is beautiful and so are you), and some fashion dos and don’ts. Feel free to take copious notes–I will.

MoJo Stylista’s Fun Fashion Follow-Up – After our Skype/Zoom time, I’ll send you an email to recap our discussion and offer you some links to blog posts and garments you might find helpful. You get to send me pictures of what you’ve put together, and I’ll give you more feedback on those, plus you can ask more questions, with or without pictures. 

How is it working? Let’s put together more outfits. Do you need additional pieces or accessories? How do you handle the change of seasons?

Pesky details: Our Skype/Zoom session will be about 30-45 minutes, depending on your needs. Follow-ups will be via email and/or text, as many as five of either/both.  You are invited to send pictures of garments or outfits for advice and validation. Additional sessions are available at an additional fee.

Go Closet Shopping with MoJo Stylista and get cuter right away. And then Find Out More with the included Fun Fashion Follow-Up. $198. Sale! $99

Put MoJo Stylista in Your Pocket!

Take me with you when you go shopping!

Yes, so easy, with our phones that have cameras–now you can take me shopping with you, using your phone! If you have an iPhone, we can use FaceTime, but no matter what phone you have, you can text pictures of pieces and outfits to me. This way, you’ve got MoJo Stylista in your pocket!

How does the Put MoJo Stylista in Your Pocket service work?

Easy-cheesy, my friend. When you make your purchase (below), I will email you to schedule your shopping trip. (Sorry, I am not available for spontaneous trips – but it’s so worth it to make the appointment!) I’ll even make suggestions about where to go for what you’re looking for. When you head out, text me with your first photo and/or question, and I’ll get right back to you. I’ll be at your beck and call for up to an hour! And I’ll help you choose well for you, so you can look great and feel great!

Put MoJo Stylista in Your Pocket for only $98.


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