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More MoJo – Three (3) 

Three (3) 30-Minute Psychic Readings

Good for one year * Fully transferable

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More MoJo – Six (6)

Six (6) 30-Minute Psychic Readings

Good for two years * Fully transferable

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More MoJo – Ten (10)

Ten (10) 30-Minute Psychic Readings

No expiration date * Fully transferable

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More MoJo – Three (3) : $297.


More MoJo – Six (6) : $594.


More MoJo – Ten (10) : $990.

*See “Housekeeping” below for further details.


===>  Readings may be distributed as you see fit; simply email me with the names and email addresses of the recipients. I will not bill individually for packages, but you are welcome to share any package with any number of friends.

===>  Readings will be scheduled at our mutual convenience during business hours, unless a request is made for after-hours. After-hours requests will be accommodated to the best of our ability.

===>  Upon receipt of your Package Payment, I will respond with an email containing instructions on scheduling your readings with me. 

===>  Appointment Re-Scheduling Policy: Minimum 24 hours’ notice is requested; I know that emergencies arise and will do my best to work with you on re-scheduling. The first missed appointment will be re-scheduled at no charge; subsequent missed or re-scheduled appointments will require an additional $25 fee. 

===>  Other restrictions and requirements may apply; however, you will find that I am typically very reasonable.

===>  Questions? You know where to find me!